Ermioni Eirini Papadopoulou

PhD Candidate at the department of Geography (University of the Aegean)



DEM-Based UAV Flight Planning for 3D Mapping of Geosites: The Case of Olympus Tectonic Window, Lesvos, Greece

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The fact that I knit since I was 10 didn’t make the fear of committing to a big knitting project such as a pullover/jumper any easier! But, during my stay in Svalbard, I faced worse fears than that! So a pullover had to finally be done! Started humbly and after some research in the public library on patterns and techniques, I had to decide on the top-to-bottom or bottom-up way, I had to decide which method I will follow for the sleeves if I wanted a turtle neck or not… But I finally started on the 25th of February!

Top-to-bottom, colourful pattern, no turtleneck.

Circular needles check, enough wool check, audiobook check!


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