Ermioni Eirini Papadopoulou

PhD Candidate at the department of Geography (University of the Aegean)



Δημιουργία Τοπογραφικού διαγράμματος μετά από σεισμό, με τη χρήση ορθοφωτοχάρτη από μη επανδρωμένο εναέριο όχημα(UAV) και δεδομένα από επίγειο laser scanner(TLS)

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What I was thinking?

A book I recently read on Posthuman, Donna’s Haraway book “Staying with the trouble” and her term Chthulucene… and what comes after the end? Hopefully, an after-tea-party with the friendly tiger, floating in our space/ship, eating victoria-sponge cake and remembering our grandma’s stories…

Recently my colleague Leah (Leah Edwards (she/her) (@LeahKathE) / Twitter) organised a workshop on collage making. She is using college as a method for her PhD. Of course, I am a huge fan of creative methods in Geography and as she very well described it we were “carving out time for creative & playful experimentation with different modes of doing research”. I sat on the floor since I had a lot of space to work there(!) and after a while, I found myself completely focused on cutting and sticking papers. To use her words, the “Thinking Through Collage” workshop was “Reflective, cathartic, beautiful & unsettling”.


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